Create market projections to verify possible success in advance of new or diverse market integration


Validate the progress of your business in comparison with your competitors


Validate the growth of your business in real time


Create comparatives using different key performance indicators to enable better business monitoring


Create statistics using multiple data in real time


Monitor multiple and varied security aspects in real time


Monitor central alarms along with your business processes


Create statistics by mixing both physical and business data


Financial Sector

Monitor your business to enable better fraud control in real time


Monitor fraud potential based on users, experience, transactions, countries or any other criteria without limits


Create complex business rules easily to manage your business to enable a full control of your market



Monitor your business to combat fraud in real time


Create complex searches to retrieve similar claims based on key criteria without clear connections


Create complex business rules easily to monitor your claim handling and processing


Monitor physical devices along with your business processes


Monitor your infrastructure and interact with it


Configure alarms and events for your physical devices


Monitor your physical devices and interact with them


Be able to link your physical infrastructure with business processes