Scalar Monitoring consultancy helps clients identity and deliver value, accurately, quickly and with strategic agility. We help our clients create valuable and architectural change through technology expertise and insight


Our endeavor is to provide our clients with cost effective and profitable solutions around business process management, monitoring systems, database architectures, replicated solutions, business processes, ESB integrations, software development and integration

Project Delivery


Scalar Monitoring design, develop and implement technical solutions based using our product to deliver our clients with a complete solution end to end


With our platform we can delivery projects end to end faster than other solutions, we simply develop specific connectors to interact with our platform, this is the key of our success


Our enthusiasm and passion for our client's work lead to long and rewarding customer relationships


Our tailored, agile delivery methodology provides our clients with results from the outset of the project


We guide our clients using our experience in developing specifications that help drive a project. Regular showcases maintain direction and ensure stakeholder buy-in throughout development. We build a momentum that provides on-time delivery and return on investment


Collaboration and transparency are vital to Scalar Monitoring's approach to project delivery. Key stakeholders are involved continuously to ensure accuracy and consensus throughout projects from start though to implementation and beyond


We have a dedicated client service on hand to react to the changing course of a project's development. We are always on hand to offer the expertise and guidance required with complex systems