No matters where your data is from, your analytics journey will be specified by you. You are able to define the data resources, the analytic engine behavior and the dashboards that matters to your business


Scalar Monitoring differentiates between four groups to create an application end to end just configure the platform to have a successful and fast business process monitoring defined and up and running



Those for modules are:

What is it ?

Connectors are used to interact with internal or external data sources by sending or receiving data. They also provide capability to send specific actions to fully interact both inside and outside the platform. At the same time, the platform can behave as a Business Process Management and a Supervisor Control and Data Acquisition system

How to use it?

Connectors normalize the data using the key performance indicators defined that your business is interested in and excluding the irrelevant data


There are no restrictions in the number of connectors or number of protocols that can be used on the connectors. Connectors can be chosen between those already available from us or you can create your own

What is it ?

Business rules are based in sophisticated data analysis allowing you to create Business Process Management to manage your business end to end. Business rules are used to define the analytics engine behavior allowing you to create complex logic in the data process time

How to use it?

Business rules manage the business process and the analytics engine to manage the data from the data sources. We implement a user web interface to create as many rules as your business requires. Those rules can be written using 'human readable rules', using templates or spreadsheets giving you a full control of your business behavior


Business rules works with 'Complex Event Processing' allowing the analytics engine to process data as it arrives, giving you a perfect way to manage data from different resources in an asynchronous way


Business rules can changed on the fly in front of new business requirements, even activating and deactivating the rules that you are interested in


Business rules are guided using the key performance indicators that your business has defined


Business rules allows you to create new data structures if the data which you have is not enough or inconsistent, this process can create 'virtual' relations between non related data allowing your business have the data types you want

Our platform can save out of the box all your data processed on a historic database

What is it ?

Platform configuration enable your business to create and define the key performance indicators that matter to your corporation


Alarms, events, metrics, states and commands can be defined be configured to determine how your business processes interact with internal or external resources

How to use it?

Scalar Monitoring provide a user friendly web interface to manage all the configuration that your business requires, all the management is just by clicks. All the configuration is saved in a database for your security in front of fail overs


Scalar Monitoring can be configured as:


-Local Systems

-Distributed System

-Single instance

-Distributed instances

Our platform can be used out of the box in single instances and distributed instances

What is it ?

Dashboard interfaces enable the monitoring of your business processes and key performance indicators using multiple charts to oversee your business as you like

How to use it?

Scalar Monitoring dashboards allow your organization to define dashboards organized by roles and users, giving your organization  power to manage who can see what, in order to get the maximum profit and decide which kind of data and charts to review, without limit.


Dashboards enable physical data to be mixed with business process data to provide a new end to end business perspective.


Dashboards permit full interaction between the user and the system using alarms, events and commands whilst maintaining complete control of what is happing in the whole system


Dashboards can been visualized from any device such as desktops, phones or tablets. Many charts can be viewed in line with business requirements


You can create and save as many dashboards you are interested in and save them securely to access at a later stage

Our platform can use any kind of database out of the box and save all your configurations