A Smart Platform designed specifically to be used by business people, without the need for IT specialism, giving the power to use Data Integration and Business Analytics supported by self defined Business Rules. As business needs change and develop the platform can be adapted to address them and oversee further requirements in Real Time

We introduce the concept of Business Process Management (BPM) jointly with Supervisor Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) to monitor physical and business process in a smart and efficient way

Analise data taken from both external and internal systems simultaneously


Retrieve data from different repositories in an asynchronous way allowing your analyzer engine to create the appropriate analysis once all data is received


Amalgamate data from various isolated sources by creating artificial links to provide improved business analysis


Create your own data structures if the data that you are working with is insufficient

Create you own business processes to specialise its management


Allow your business logic to grow by implementing new functionalities on the fly with no financial or time cost


Develop and adapt your own business logic according to market requirements


Allow your business to analyse data using Event Processes


Create new business logic using your own templates with human readable rules and/or spreadsheets


Let your system grow in process capacity where required


Allow your system to be scalable according to business requirements


Visualize interactive dashboards using your favorite web browser


Visualize your dashboard from any device


Define your own dashboards to visualize the User Performance Indicators that matter to your business


Create different dashboards for different roles within your company


Monitor external systems integrated with business processes


Create multiple charts as your business requires


Allow your business to process data from different sources or concepts and view them together on a single dashboard, or multiple as preferred


Be able to synchronize the dashboard with data from multiple browsers in Real Time

Efficiently create new business functionalities in just minutes


Define new business logic in record time


Configure the scale of the system with just one click


Able to activate or deactivate business rules with just one click


Easily change the behavior of your business


Configure new business lines with just one click


Define a new business line in weeks instead of months


Have full control of your business and the rules that drive it


Choose which operative system and databases is most appropriate for specific corporate needs


Chose to deploy the platform on a local server, in the Cloud or any other environment